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The Resilient Joneses Stop the Flood: A children’s book about preparedness and problem solving.

The Joneses live prepared in their homestead and are getting ready for a big storm. The storm hits and causes flooding and a blackout. The Joneses do great but realize something might be going on with their neighbor. They later find out that they have some serious problems and as the parents try to patch things up, the kids figure things out (thru problem solving and observation) and put together multiple solutions that ultimately resolve the problem.

This is my first ebook that I put together to teach my son about critical thinking and problem solving. It is available on Amazon thru this link.


Nook Farms

Nook farms is my small urban farm operation that produces microgreens. We have had our produce in some of the coolest restaurants in DFW.

Training as an armed citizen

I am a new CCW holder and I am extremely proud of this accomplishment. It has been on my list for a few years now. Back then, we lived in the East Coast and this was not possible for me at the time. Since moving to Texas, we slowly moved towards this goal. I now carry everyday wherever I can and my wife is onboard to getting her permit as we can.


March towards Homeschooling

My son has just started going to government school. I had always wanted to get him homeschooled, but with our schedule and budget it just did not work. I am still plotting of a way to do this and will be blogging of the progress we get.