Children today are being raised very very differently from how I was raised. For one, I was raised in a different country and the family structure was tighter and very different than here in America. Still, even amongst the generation X people, the way the new generation of children are being raised is very concerning to me. They are not being raised to deal with struggle and trials. They are coddled and protected, spared from the experiences that forge strong character.

I have a son who at this time is 5 years old. He knows about the states of matter, he knows about the solar system, how the election system works, knows how to figure things out, a rough history of America from the Pilgrims to how Texas became its own republic. I consciously mould him to a free thinking individual with problem solving skills and great reasoning. This makes normal discussion a little complex sometimes, but it is a price I am willing to pay so that my child can be better equipped with the modern days ahead.

I am constantly learning how to teach him. I try to teach him these key things:
-problem solving
-critical thought

He is about to start government school this season, and I am concerned how he will adjust to it. He likes structure, but I am not sure how he will react to government schooling. I trained him to think for himself and to raise questions. He went to our church’s school and he had good progress there. We are hoping he does okay in our local govt school. We’d like to homeschool but we are not yet ready. For now, when he gets home, he will get homeschooled one way or another by me or mommy.

(update: He has been going to school for a few months now. He does not like it and will occasionally ask me if he can not go to school. His teacher has also sent me a few notes about his behavior in school. I am trying to find out what particular part of the teacher’s routine is setting of his behavior so we can teach him how to adjust to it. The school is not set up for him, but is set up for the teacher’s system to work. I wish I could homeschool him, but right now I do not have the capability to do that yet.)

I do not plan he will go to traditional college the way I did. If he does, I will at least lead him away from piling on student loan debt. I am sure that by then he will have a myriad of options of getting specialized, high grade information on his subject matter. He can skip all the unnecessary classes and hopefully shave off a significant amount of time compared to what I went through.