Limitations on understanding

[side note: this is kind of off the topic but I decided to write it regardless. I feel it is important to me, and maybe one day it will make better sense and will be easier to explain. These are random thoughts of an overworked dad]

I was putting my children to sleep a few moments ago and I was wondering in amazement how our kids are showing us amazing things that prove how we are connected. When I was growing up, we always called it “he/she is just like you”, or “he/she takes after you” referring to how our characteristics, attitudes and talents are the same. My folks always called these things as just stuff you inherited from your family.

It puzzles me how today we always say it was passed to you through your DNA. All those abstract things and attributes -some of which we do not even have words for – lumped into things encoded in this DNA that you got from your ancestors.It so conveniently simplifies how they were passed on to you. These are things difficult to capture in words: habits and preferences in food, clothes, activities; love for nature, outdoors, arts, sciences; hard skills, soft skills; disdain for things; fears; passions. These occur even when a child is not raised by their biological parent. Some of them are learned, some were just always there.

I call this incomplete. I believe we refer to these things as being in our DNA only because it is something we can quantify by our modern sciences. We can see it using empirical data- data we can measure by the machines, technology, charts and photos that we have under our toolbox. It results in circular reasoning, believing in data that is only achievable by methods designed to find a specific form of data.

There are things we do not understand yet-we know of their occurrences by personal experiences or documented experiences by many others. They are all fairly common. However, we do not have scientific methods and equipment suited to converting them to said empirical data which we are trained to rely on.

I believe in the supernatural. By that I mean things that are beyond what we can sense and perceive in the “natural”world. I believe there is more to the physical things around us-and in this regard I believe the nebulous things we get from our ancestors/grandparents/nationalities are inherited thru means beyond what our modern sciences can interpret. It is pretty difficult to measure something if we do not know what we are looking for.


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