Inspired to continue the vlogs


I have been hesitating on continuing the vlogs, but with some inspiration today from another fella doing the same format I thought I would just do it.

Justin Rhodes was on an interview today on The Survival Podcast and he described how he was in the same predicament I am in:blogging takes to much time so vlogging is an alternative to making the long form content.

I understand the viability of the approach, and I still need to make sense of what I am really doing with the vlogs on my commute home. It needs to give some value other than just a rundown of my thoughts for the day. I may change the frequency of it so that I can prepare the content and make it worth watching.

Here is a link to the podcast. I have learned a lot from The Survival Podcast and a lot of the information comes from great folks like Justin just do

Now my new dilemma is making the actual written blogs out of all the ideas I am summarizing in these vlogs 🙂

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