Revisiting an old passion

Everyone I’ve followed as a mentor has always told me to follow my passion. I would love to, but right now I do not know what that is. I used to live to draw. I drew from the age of around 4-and I recall how my mind switched on to adding balls for muscles to that stick figure. I recall how my uncle from Batangas taught me how to draw the front view of an airplane (1 circle with 3 sticks). I devoured comic books as a teenager as I studied the inking and hatching techniques of Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio. I had no money but somehow I dug myself deep into that culture because I loved it.

I got into architecture because of drawing. Now, after about 12 years into it I realize I have hardly done any real drawing. I’ve been making money out of that passion, but I did not look to see if there should be more from it.

It’s been so long that I do not know if it is still something I would be passionate about. But I think the great thing with drawing, was that it enabled me to create something. In the time when I could not do anything, I could at least form my thoughts and beliefs into a snapshot of something.

I took out a sketchbook today. I’ve had it for about 1.5 years now and did not touch it for drawing. I’ve been living off of journals as my recent years have been better captured as notes and lists: business concepts, errands, bills. This sketchbook will definitely still have that-without a question. It already is filled with notes for the vlogs I posted today. But I will also consciously try to use it as a sketch book, I will find a subject and draw the heck out of it. I want to see where this takes me. One muse business I am thinking of is still related to the children’s book concept, so this will let me explore that. Or at least it will let me see how far away I have drifted from where I started when I was a kid drawing old buildings in Manila.

Make this weekend count.


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