Garage sale camping gear mother load

I have been wanting to get myself some awesome camping gear since 5 years ago. We didn’t camp at all but it was always something I wanted to get into. I would drool on the really awesome camping pocket stoves from MSR and visualize myself and my family enjoying the self sufficiency of a propane stove in the great outdoors.

Sadly I never really had the funds to just go and grab gear. And when there was some extra cash, something with a higher priority always popped up.

Until this month >:-) my wife dragged me to a garage sale where she scored a big load of kids clothes. This family was moving overseas and was basically liquidating whatever they can-just short of giving it to Salvation Army. I didn’t expect to get anything but she had me drive there for a 2nd round, the day after her first great score.

We got there and my wife wanted me to check this big piece of furniture that she wanted us to get. My job was to figure out how we could get it home (it was a king size bed, dismantled) I took some measurements, and with sad news told her it would not fit into the jeep. (We ended up renting a pick up truck – but that is another story. We profited from this little adventure) While mulling over what to do, I casually looked around and found something in the corner – it was a Coleman 2 burner stove. Hesitantly I asked how much for it…… five dollars.

With a straight face, I said “awesome” and took it. From there, she
showed me another tub of camping gear. To which I snobbishly said great, I will check it too (I didn’t check on that right away). I went to put my $5 Coleman propane stove to the jeep first,in case she changed her mind 🙂 I came back and my wife and her are already  looking at a tub filled with camping gear.She offered us that tub, plus a bunch of Home Depot buckets with gardening gear, for $10.

Sold! After some more digging we found another tub of camping supplies. We got beddings, blankets and stuff. Altogether, we paid $20 for all 2 tubs, the stove and the gardening equipment.

Here is what we got:
Coleman Instastart 2 burner Propane camping stoveColeman Propane Catalytic heater
MSR Isobutane pocket stove
approx 10 Camelbak type water bottles
approx 4 sets of first aid kits
a full pack of strike anywhere camping matches
collapsible shovel
around 4 sets of camping utensils
backpacking cooking pan, spatulas and stuff
egg tray
around 4  propane canisters
Coleman LED lantern
Coleman camping/pruning saw
Window planter box
approx 2 Home Depot buckets
Landscaping fabric (almost a full roll)
gardening shears
2 plastic tub containers
Inflatable bed
inflatable bed air pump, 12 volt
thermal blankets


Well we took our bounty home and I spent about 2 hrs sorting and testing them. The appliances/gear all worked! I sorted them and packed them away for our next camping trip. The other stuff went to the dishwasher and laundry bin. I have yet to do the laundry part, so those blankets are still not in storage. Everything else is clean and ready.

The entire time I was in the garage sorting and testing, in the 95 degree temps, I was smiling like a kid in a candy store. This is just an awesome day. Just the stove, is something I’ve been wanting to get as a redundancy for power outages (all our home appliances are electric).

Later on we went back to the house one last time. They kept messaging my wife about getting some more things. We did go back, with a pick up truck and everything. In the end I think we helped them as much as they helped us with this great stuff. We are still sorting thru much of what we got, and a bunch of them went to our local Salvation Army too. I have asked my wife to sign me up for the group where she found the garage sale. I need to find more of these as this was definitely a good way to spend the weekend.

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