Asking for a raise – Daily vlog 16.08.22

Today I asked for a raise-obviously a critical tool to improving my family’s life. I mentioned it briefly on the video but I wanted to detail it further on the blog. A quick summary for how I am asking for a raise:

-check that I did in fact improve and that I am worth the increased salary. In my case it meant did I make my boss’ life easier? Did I save the office from some hairy disasters? in both cases I can say yes I did.

-find good timing for the question. I’ve been waiting for a while-too long almost. I have some understanding of how our particular team’s finances are. I tried to wait til the team had a better budget, partly so as not to burden the team any further during the low periods, but also because getting a raise during a lull means getting a tiny one. I would be in a bad spot to ask for another raise when budgets got better.

-Side note: I did research on recommended ways to approach the topic. I will skip that and just write down how mine went.

-I kept a list of important contributions and value I provided to our team. I kept this in my head so I could articulate how things have gotten better. Usually they do not realize the good things you do, they just notice that they have a nice day and there are no fires to put out on your project-I was ready to explain that most fires were dealt with on my watch so they did not have to.

-Understand how your boss might prefer to receive the question. In my case, I thought he would prefer a quick chat, nothing formal, but just a reminder about reviewing my recent performance. I followed up with an email apologizing for the the abruptness of the question. I explained I had been pondering it for awhile and remembered to finally ask. I also made mention that I was looking to discuss a salary adjustment-a nicer word than raise. In my case I had custom tailored the letter to my boss.

So that is how I asked for a raise. I am currently waiting on a response and will post an update as made available.


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