Resiliency progress 16.08.15

The weekend was busy as predicted. Here’s the progress I made:

Food resiliency:
Been planning on gardening again this season. As part of this I am making planters from scrap wood and fencing. I finished a good sized planter on Friday night til Sat 2am working in the garage. At some point my circular saw ran out of juice and I used a hand saw-grrrreat for exercise but the timing was wrong. I had little left in me to do this at 1am.

The planter is done and ready to sit in the yard with good soil til temps get cooler. I will tarp over this and just let some life build into the soil.

Still trying to find a good holster that will work for my handgun. I have been carrying it everyday for a week and the holster does not work for me. Apparently, the gun I have does not have a lot of options for holsters so it’s been difficult to find good ones.

I decided to upload a 2min review for other folks using the same gun and looking for holster options:



A big bonus over the weekend was camping supplies. My wife found a garage sale where we found camping supplies worth over $200. These included a Coleman propane 2 burner stove, catalytic heater, MSR isobutane pocket stove, thermal blankets, cooking gear, a 12v air pump and inflatable bed. There’s a bunch more in it but those are still hot in my head and I am giddy with awesomness from the great find. (edit:I am making a separate post about this to give more detail)

We drove to Irving, TX to explore homestead options. Still looking for a neighborhood we can afford with the characteristics we are looking for. This is not a big homestead, but just a small suburban one. I still would like a bigger lot and no HOA.

The only flaws for this super productive weekend was that I did not work on the book at all. I will need to catch up somehow.