Mental white noise

I was focusing yesterday on finding some kind of mental white noise. What happens sometimes is I listen to a series of podcasts/videos while at the office and I get saturated with information. Some are actionable and some are conceptual. At some point my mind gets bogged down and I don’t always realize it but I end up wanting to stare empty into space and zone out. These are times I try contemplate/meditate and make plans. Me feeling like I want to zone out, is actually my brain telling me he is tired and signaling me to stop using him. To accommodate this rest and jumpstart my head, I am trying to find this mental white noise-be it a place to meditate or a state of being. Hopefully it is a place I can designate as a neutral physical space and train my mind to assign this place as a time to power down.

I continue to carry a gun using this holster I am still testing. I am in a weird state as I carry it loaded but not cocked. I guess it is an extra precaution as I get used to the fact that I am carrying a gun on my person. The holster has had issues and I am trying to figure out where and when I can test it. For example I checked how hard it would be to draw from a car seat.

Progress update:
Book-drew entire story board early this morning approx midnight.
Blog-still contemplating format. Must be actionable for myself and others-not just me blabbering. Must also document my progress in a concise manner.Children’s story-every night I tell my son a story. Sometimes a real story sometimes it is a micro lesson on all kinds of stuff. Yesterday it happened to be how the election process works. Told him about voting and how America currently has 3 folks still running in this contest. No specifics, no heavy stuff, just how the thing is supposed to work.


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