To do stuff 16.08.08

Today (at least 12:25am today) I made a Youtube account and Gmail to tie them together. I did a quick test upload so that I can check the feasibility of how this would work. I figured, the main issue I have with blogging right now is that it takes about an hour to write something. I don’t have that time if I am going to do my other projects.

Also, first day to carry in the office. Will be observing how this will go. I carried for the first time yesterday from church and as we drove around to check for houses for sale. It was very uncomfortable. I am trying something different today so I know if I can keep this holster.

I drafted a blog post also, documenting how I am on my path to become an armed citizen.It ended up being too long even for the 1st part. I will come back to that later and will upload it in segments. I am trying to figure out how I merge the blog with video so I can be productive an minimize time spent on putting up a post.

Currently it is the end of another busy day at my day job. After this, I need to visit a restaurant and apologize to the chef for failing him at customer service for the urban farm operation. He has been avoiding my calls and text so I am assuming he hates me. No big deal, but I would at least like to apologize personally.

I also have to drop by Walmart and refill my water rations (we keep a revolving stock of approx 18 gallons in jugs as part of my water storage).

i signed up for Audible-so that I can educate myself further while I am on my commute or early in the morning. This is basically my classroom time. I realized my phone does not let me download the app. I need to update my OS, but if I do I may lock up the phone as this is not an unlocked phone.

I am in a dilemma of needing to buy a new laptop and a new phone so I can make my business endeavors work. I’d like to not put this on a credit card if at all possible.


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