Slow day at the farmers market

Today is turning out to be a bad day at the farmers market. I’ve been here for about 3hrs now. So far I have made $12.

In my head I am asking myself is this just one of those days when everyone is browsing and not really here to buy? I observed other vendors, I think they get 3x more inquiries and not sure how much of those are sales.

I need to sanity check that. Hold on a sec.

Okay I guess it is just me sucking. Other folks are doing fine,particularly the refreshments. Produce and meats are kinda okay but not as busy as the drinks. It is hot here in Dallas right now. Maybe I can add some kind of drink to my store tomorrow-those would sell 🙂

I know I need to learn marketing. Kinda why I am still blogging my process thru this. But, right this moment, what can I do to sell these dang microgreens?

Okaaay the vendor beside me just closed and it is only 12:40pm. I guess it is just a bad day after all-mine just happens to be a bit worse than others.

(update, after a few more minutes another vendor closed up and left)

Anyway, I am trying to deal with this lack of interest from customers. I am trying to see if I can improve my chances by interacting differently with the browsers. Let’s see how they will react with me being more out there, more approachable demeanor and a bit more engaged.

So how about that. I just got 3 new inquiries in the last 10mins. What changed? All I did so far was stand up and make myself look more engaged. None of these folks buy microgreens regularly so if they get at least curious I can start a discussion.

-update: most of the post above was written on my notepad while I was there at the market in real time. Since that Saturday market, I closed up at about 3pm. I was there for almost the entire day, I made less than $20. Really bad day for me, I think that is my worst day (so far). By the time I got home I had a mild heat stroke and I had to hydrate all weekend, take some migraine meds and take naps. It also took me away from working on other projects-which is the biggest loss for the day.

On the other hand, somewhere in there I know I am supposed to learn something that leads to a more resilient life. Maybe it is just persisting. Maybe I just need to get kicked in the rear and pursue restaurant clients. Maybe I just need to focus and fix this side hustle of a business I am doing (the urban farm). Or maybe it leads me to understand sales better. Currently I still do not know, but I am reacting on the results of that weekend

I did get a teachable moment between me and my son. He came by with mommy around 2pm. I explained I had no sales, and we looked at dropping my prices. On that opportunity I explained to him how the market and prices work. If there is demand, the prices can be high. If there is zero demand, the prices can be set lower and daddy should go home.

He made me a sign, for $3 an ounce of my microgreens. That is 25% lower than my standard price. I opted to spend the remaining part of the day with my family.IMG_6095[1]


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