Article on the future economy

Here’s a quick article that shares some of my concerns:

The highlights from the article are:

  • Software is replacing accountants and analysts
  • Ecommerce is replacing traditional retail employees
  • Self-checkout kiosks are replacing food service personnel
  • Storage and retrieval systems are replacing warehouse workers
  • Robots are replacing factory and security employees
  • Online courses are replacing brick and mortar schools
  • Delivery drones are impacting the shipping industry
  • Smart cars will change the transportation industry

Almost all of these trends touch my day to day life at some level-they probably do to you as well. Maybe you are not working at a fastfood or maybe you don’t use Uber, but if not you then someone around you. Enough people around you that you do not know of will be impacted-and it may not matter that you do not know them, the sheer number of them being affected will affect you somehow.

It’s why I am worried-I cannot wrap my head around how much all of this will impact my family and everyone around me. These changes will not only change the economy and the job market, it will change our everyday lives.

Now hold on for a second. These changes are not just a cause for concern, they are also a reason to rejoice. Yes you might get laid off on your job (which would really suck) but after you deal with that issue and find another job, you cannot deny that there will be benefits to these changes. I would love to be able to type or sleep on an automated car on the way to work. Granted I want to keep our Jeep and retain the option to drive without automation, there are better things to do with your time rather than just interact with other drivers on the road.

Doing your groceries will also be more efficient, or just delivered to your door. Man this is going to hit the commercial real estate as well.

I may now have a better justification for telling my wife that my son may not go to college: he will have better options by then. He can get a highly specialized class for the industries that he is most passionate about. He will not have to deal with the fluff of tenured professors and french literature. He will probably finish formal schooling sooner as opposed to my generation that had to study til we were in our early 20s.

Also, I hope someone invents some way to automate my favorite pastime: dishwashing. I dang spend way too much time on this when I get home from work.

The changes are coming regardless if we like them or not. It will come in phases and by the time we realize it, it will be too fast. My plan is to have me and my family ready to adapt to them.


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