Almost daily now I get up at 5:30 to work on my projects. Projects mean they are mine: business research, the urban farm, an ebook I am trying to finish/start or a new website. I get to work on my projects for about an hour and a half almost every weekday. Some days I slip when we get distratctions (in-laws, late night movies, etc)

I am working on several projects right now. This is contrary to the plan but it just happened. Before starting new projects it is better to finish one so that you do not lose momentum for all the projects. Right now I WAS working on a marketing plan for my urban farm. I was also doing research for an ebook and updating my preps.

  1. For sometime I have been pondering on blogging about my efforts so this blog started.
  2. Recent events have occurred and made me realize I need to be always at the ready for things, so I have been revisiting my preparedness plans
  3. We had some visitors come by and we also just got back from a vacation trip to the beach
  4. Certain events at the office made me realize I need to cut down on any business distractions there, and just focus on my job.

I have other excuses for starting on multiple projects and not completing any. But I digress. One of my goals for this post was to lay some ground rules and establish a routine that can accommodate a quick blog post and time for the other projects. I need to include blogging daily as a routine, regardless of what my main task for that morning is.

How about we do the blog while getting the coffee on. Maybe use it as a brainstorming sketchbook to formulate the plans for the day? Nah, it is better used as a repository of what was achieved yesterday…or maybe not. I can just blabber on this blog and since I just started it wont matter. I need to leverage the time I blog so I can improve on the other projects-at least in planning.

Let’s try both. A brainstorming sketchbook for the day and a log of what happened from the previous attempt. Let’s say 30mins for now, but the goal is to get this down to 15mins. (It is now 5:56am and I am close to my 30min mark.)


To Do:

soak peas for resto account for next week
iron clothesreview gear and prep for the weekend. note concerns of protests ongoing and rumors of protests for Friday
cook lunch so mom can have an easier day with the kids


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