A lay off at the office

Yesterday somebody was laid off at my workplace. I knew how this person performed as she worked directly under me in quite a few projects. She had some areas that needed improving on but this was kind of unexpected. We all knew the company was growing as we keep getting new hires almost every other week. The demand for our type of projects was strong and there is ongoing construction almost everywhere you went in the city.

We were told the firm was restructuring and as part of that our team was growing. We absorbed 2 other people from another team that was dissolved. Somehow for the numbers to work, we let go one of ours. They leaned out the teams and yes the market is great and we haven’t changed our systems/software to make us more efficient, but in that tiny situation somehow they found this as an option. My supervisors showed nervousness (also fear) to talk to us about what happened. They were more emotional about it too, most of us older folks are still fresh from the memories of 2008 and 2009

What surprised me is that his was likely, but it was not expected because of how things were in the bigger picture. I think this is a good spot to pause and list down some lessons:

  • Provide value. always.
  • Network and always be open to the opportunity of other jobs. Loyalty is uncertain in the workplace because you never know if it really is a two way street.
  • Never be complacent of threats. always be aware of the situation(s) that may come up from around you
  • Be able to adapt

All that said, I am going back now to work on my own endeavors. I need to market some more for my urban farm and I need to design some characters for an ebook. I will provide value when I am in my workplace, but outside of that all my knowledge and skill I will pour out for my own business attempts for my family’s future.


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